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3rd BIH Anniversary & Bengali Nababarsha 1416 Celebrations

Thank you for such an overwhelming response for the Celebrations..... This was probably the biggest gathering in a BIH event and it won't have been possible without you. We managed to pull through the day with fun, food and activities. There were some glitches from my end regarding organizing things, I will keep an eye on it for the next time. 

I would like to specially thank 2 people,
Avishek and Indranil, for making it for the picnic from Chennai and Oman respectively. I would also thank the BIH Dance Club members for putting up such a wonderful performances. Thanks, Rahul Sen for all the training. Aditi was also a major part in organizing things along with me for the event. She worked out the major part of the deal with Pragati Resorts. 

If you have been a part of the celebrations, I am sure you would have enjoyed a lot. We would be glad to hear from you the experience. Please feel free to write in the following link. 


I sure you would keep up the similar participation in the future. Specially all you new members who were quite this time want you all to be more active and initiating things the next time. Do get back to us with your ideas and keep in touch. Its time to cheer as we successfully completed 3 years with BiH.

Advance Subho Nababarsho to you.....


Thank you Atreyee, Aditi, Dhriti, Rahul Sen, Prithwiraj, Avik, Hirak, Joydeb, Ashok, Rajarshi for the wonderful photos.....

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Prithwiraj Roy

Rajarshi Ghosh & Amrita Dhar

Rahul Basu

Biswajit Jana

Avik Chatterjee