Bengalis in Hyderabad

-  আমরা  আছি  তোমাদের জন্য

                           BIH Lunch Meet - 18.10.2009

Like every year, this year to we conducted our BIH Lunch meet in a gradeur way due to the reach of BIH which has spread out wide. We broke last years record of participants.

Menu for the day was: Bhaat, Dal, Aloo Bhaja, Green Salad, Ilish Maach er matha diye chorchori, Ilish Mach Shorshey, Mutton Kosha, Chatni & Paan.

Those who made it and those who did not. Sharing with you few moments of joy through the photos.

 Rahul Basu

Rahul Deb Aru

Prosenjit Mondal

Prithwiraj Roy