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On a Wednesday morning.... I got a call, asking if I would accompany on a weekend trip??? I wondered, but couldn't end up saying 'NO'.

6 people packed their bags (some didn't ) for an unplanned tour to the abode of Lord Shiva at Sri Sailam on an early Sunday morning.

The partners in crime... 

Ms. Rakhi
Ms. Sarmila
Mr. Biswajit (Jana)
Mr. Biswajit (Bisu)
Mr. Kapil (my friend)

& last bt not the least

I got a call sharp at 5:00 that the a choco brown Chevrolet Tavera is waiting for me infront of my office gates. I rushed in to find Rakhi & Biswajit da already in there. I volunteered to take the back seat as I wanted the much needed sleep. We headed to the Infosys campus to pickup Kapil who had worked 20 hrs to complete a project and be a part of this trip. Later to that we picked up Bisu da & Sarmila and headed for Srisailam. The Tavera picked up speed as soon as it left the city limits. The 2 photographer who share the same first name did not miss any chance to capture the nature all through the journey. With just one stop to refuel our energy, it took a litle over to 5 hours to reach Sri Sailam.

Now the real fight began, the fight for existence, fight for survival. 1 hour of exhaustive search, and hopeles suggestions from people, gave us a pleasure to have 1 room with just a bare foor and 2 attached bath. We were additionally provided with 3 mats to survive the night. We had no complains atleast we have a place to put our head under the roof. Without wasting time we got ready to start for temple as it was supposed to be closed on Monday for the Solar Eclipse. We rushed to the temple only to find that it was closed for lunch and would open again at 6 PM. With nothing do for the next 2.5 hours we planned to go out for some sigt seeing. We reached Patal Ganga thru a ropeway ride and took a 'Jhuri' boat to take a spin at the middle of the river.

Tired with long queues and no good food, we returned back to our room to freshen up a little and head for temple. We reached the temple at 6:45 to find devotees thronging the place. Another 2 hours of long wait and finally had the darshan of Lord Shiva. We procured our prasadam laddus and headed, managed to have a curtailed dinner and went back to our base. The night passed with mysterious sounds, open windows and some diabetic cows from the surroundings. With the morning alarm, plans for the day out started. We charted a plan to have a trip to the Akkamahadevi caves and take the jungle safari in Tiger Reserve. The tickets were not available for the caves and we had to make changes to our plans.

The day started with a heavy breakfast at Ganga Restaurant and a visit to the Tribal Museum. We then went for a nature's fiasco with Palaadhara-Panchadhara, where 5 streams meet. After a rigoros photo session in the mountains we headed for the jungle safari. On the way we had a quick lunch and reached the jungle at 10 minutes to 4PM with a dissapointment to hear that all trips for the day is done. God was too kind to us, just then a safari jeep arrived and the driver after a little nagging agreed to make the last trip for the day with the 6 BIH brags. Along we went thru the dusty roads of the jungle meeting natures creations along the way. Wild Boars, Sambar, Nilgai, Deer, Peacock.. and some tigers and bears in our imagination. We reached the sunset point with 3 out of 4 camera batteries dead. We posed for some more last minute photos and returned back to the catch our car back to Hyderabad.

Though unplanned, turned out to be great fun & mischief. 


Sri Sailam Tour - BIH Travel Club

Camera: Rahul



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