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                                                    Nirmal City (November 27th-28th)

Nirmal is a town, mandal headquarters and a municipality in Adilabad district in the Indian state of Andhra is the political headquarter of the district having 400yrs of history.

The ancient history of Nirmal had glorious past with the overwhelming admiration towards art and culture from the ruling nobility. It has always enjoyed the patronage of ruling nobility and many dynasties of Southern India were very much inclined towards the cultural heritage of Nirmal. The Kakatiyas, The chalukyas, The VishnuKundinis, The Qutubshahis and The Nizams have contributed to the growth of cultural heritage and made it flourish and helped in promotion of the art. The legacy of the historic heritage is to be seen. The kings had their religion embarked on their constructions to propagate their respective religions and traditions. One can find Mohammedan, Shaivaite, vyshnavaite traditions reflect in their monuments. Even the French established their presence by building a magnificient fort standing majestically till date. Nirmal , the little town that occupies a proud place on the handicrafts map of India lies in the district of forests, Adilabad. 210 km from Hyderabad , the capital city of Andhra Pradesh, Nirmal is embedded amidst the Sahaydri mountain range offering a pleasant ambience surrounded by hills and forests thus creating a vulnerable climate throughout the year. Folklores say that Nirmal was renamed after a village headman and a chieftain Neema Naik who manufactured weapons of war. He also encouraged craftsmanship of his workers thereby helping the growth and promotion of art of the wood engraving. Nirmal, always enjoyed the patronage of the ruling nobility.The Nizams of Hyderabad were very much inclined towards the ecstatic wooden engravings and craftsmanship. Not only did the local nobility but also The French were fascinated by scenic beauty of Mother Nature .The gigantic Nirmal fort built by The French looming large at the entrance of the town stands as a witness, for its inclination towards it.

Nirmal Painting and wooden toys are famous all over the world. From the rustic ethos to the royal environment, from flora to fauna, an explicit array of expressions is portrayed in myriad colours and forms on Nirmal products. This art form named after its place of origin, Nirmal in Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh.

Undecided for more than 3 weeks on a perfect location to spend a weekend getaway, 8 members of the BBBC gang came to consensus to travel the toy land (pun intended). Stretched beautiful with flora and fauna this was by far the most diversified trip till date.


Behind the Lenses:

Rajarshi Ghosh

Rahul Basu

Travelogue for Nirmal City trip

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